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February 02, 2004

Welcome to my new diary.
In it, you will find assorted daily wisdom,
(thus the name) from my mind,
from the net,
or from famous (or infamous) people..

This will be my only entry that appears as an entry.

Every day, you will find some new advice, tips, hints, a morbid saying, (most likely, what you will see),
or everyday wisdom.
I will not be held responsible for any of the advice that is actually taken from this site,
since it is all done in a tongue-and-cheek style.
Every entry from here on out, is yours to copy & paste into your diary if you'd like.
(or you could link me -- *nudge, nudge*)

Thanks for stopping by! :)


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Be kind to one another.
Life is too short to waste it in hate.

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